If you can’t go to The Wall,
The Wall comes to you…,


The Western Wall, Kotel in Hebrew, is the last remnant of the Second Temple of Jerusalem which was destroyed in 70 AD during the Jewish-Roman War. According to rabbinic belief “the divine presence never leaves the Western Wall”. It has thus become the most sacred place in Judaism. Jews and non-Jews from all over the world come here to meditate and, according to the custom, place their vows on the wall.

Each vow is unique. It is written on a carefully folded paper and slipped between the stones of the Wall. It can express a prayer for oneself or be a gift for a loved one. It can ask for success in an exam, the healing of a friend or a relative, or prosperity, luck, love or the realization of a dream…

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Your Kotel Messenger

Shalom Express is a courier service. In this time of epidemic when travel to Jerusalem has become impossible for many of us, Shalom Express will be your eyes and hands. Your Kotel Messenger will drop off your message to the Wall, as if you were there. The messenger will be discreet, he will be an intermediary and not an intervener so that you can fully feel the spirituality of the place and the moment.

A service by internet

You will be put in contact with your Kotel Messenger. He will print your message. Apart from him, no one will know about it. During 4 to 5 minutes, in video, live or recorded according to your choice, your Kotel Messenger will make you discover this sacred place, before slipping your message in one of the cracks of the Wall. Out of respect for the people who pray, you will not have a real conversation with him but he will put all his heart into making this moment an unforgettable one.

In the service of tradition

It is traditional for visitors to the Kotel to take with them the prayers of their loved ones who cannot travel. Today, the Internet carries your message to Jerusalem in a fraction of a second. The video then allows you to live this moment as if you were there. Alone, with your family or surrounded by your friends, you will feel the joy and the intense emotion that all those who had the chance to come to the Wall experienced, without exception…

25% refunded

It was inconceivable for us to dissociate the dream from the mutual aid. Therefore, we donate a significant part of the money collected to humanitarian causes. You will choose among three associations, and one of them will receive your donation.

Latet is the largest anti-poverty NGO in Israel. It runs the main national food bank and conducts numerous ambitious aid programs. It provides monthly assistance to 60,000 families and 1,000 Holocaust survivors.

Tel Aviv

The association OneFamily helps all victims of anti-Israeli terrorism, in Israel and all over the world. It provides financial and material assistance as well as psychological support. Since its creation in 2001, OneFamily has worked with more than 3500 victims and their families.


IsraAID is an NGO established in 2001. It operates in crisis and humanitarian emergency situations in more than 50 countries around the world.

Tel Aviv – Palo Alto